Water banking web page goes live thanks to Honeyford bill

A new web page devoted to water banking information has been launched thanks to legislation sponsored by state Sen. Jim Honeyford. Passed with overwhelming support during the 2016 legislative session, Substitute Senate Bill 6179, directed the state Department of Ecology to create a web page on its website that provides the public with information on all of Washington’s water banks. The web page went live Wednesday.

“Farming communities are keenly aware that water is essential to their livelihood. Setting up a one-stop shop of information for those who have water banks and those who may want to utilize a bank is the first step in providing transparency on this water management issue,” said Honeyford, R- Sunnyside.

Information about water banking that DOE must maintain includes:

  • Amount charged for mitigation, including any fees,
  • Priority date of the water rights made available for mitigation,
  • If applicable, any geographic areas in the state where the department may issue mitigated permits,
  • The processes utilized by the water bank to obtain approval to use the water rights as mitigation for new water uses,
  • The nature of the ownership interest in the mitigation being sold to landowners,
  • Whether mitigation is recorded on the title.

The water banking web page can be accessed at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wr/market/trk-wawtrbnks.html.