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An update on the status of my bills

We’re past the cutoff point for both House and Senate bills not considered necessary to implement the budget to be passed out of committees. From this point on, each day will be spent debating and passing bills in either the full House or full Senate, with the exception of certain committees that have to consider last-minute budget bills. It appears that some of my bills may not make it out of the House for purely political reasons, which is very unfortunate. I’ve never played politics with my bills and I firmly believe that every bill should be considered on its own merit rather than used as trade bait for passing other bills. In fact, I’ve lost bills because of that belief and I am willing to lose another should it come to that. Continue reading

My bill to lower port and irrigation district costs will become law

On Tuesday members of the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously approved Senate Bill 5292, my bill to help clarify exemptions regarding natural versus manmade drainage areas within port and irrigation districts. The bill – which I introduced in the 2011 session – would change state law so that the drainage side of irrigation districts are not considered “natural” streams and therefore should not be designated as “critical areas” under the Growth Management Act.

I’m pleased to see this bill supported by my colleagues in both the Senate and the House. If an artificial drainage district is deemed a critical area, it creates numerous administrative difficulties and increased costs for the district. Some districts have spent thousands of dollars just to establish that a creek is manmade rather than natural. Continue reading