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Status of my bills in the House of Representatives

I am pleased to report the Senate passed 11 of my bills and sent them to the House of Representatives for consideration. Currently, 10 of my 11 bills have public hearings scheduled in various House Committees.

The most important bill I sponsored this year is Senate Bill 5445 that provides $445m in grants for school construction and safety upgrades. After passing unanimously off the Senate floor to the House, it remains in the House Capital Budget Committee.   Continue reading

Honeyford-sponsored public health, land and water bills pass Senate

Senate Floor DebateOver the past several days in the Washington State Senate, Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside, saw three of his bills approved and sent to the House of Representatives.

The first to pass on Friday was Senate Bill 5324, which would encourage municipalities to use state Department of Ecology design guidelines when constructing stormwater retention ponds in an effort to reduce the mosquito population. In addition, DOE would need to consult with the state Department of Health about strategies to prevent West Nile virus, and any retention pond found to contain West Nile virus would be the responsibility of the area’s mosquito-control district. Continue reading

More on my bills that survived cutoff

Senate Bill 5054 – Habitat and recreation lands. This bill would require the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources and State Parks to ask the Legislature for permission to acquire new land. Currently awaiting approval by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Senate Bill 5056 – Employing minors/work permit. This bill would allow an employer seeking a minor work permit endorsement to complete only the parts of a business license application that identify the employer and indicate the employer’s plans to hire one or more minors, the duties of the minors and the estimated number of hours to be worked by minors (rather than the entire application). Passed by the Senate; currently in the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee. Continue reading