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Senate approves ‘true’ supplemental capital budget

The Senate today gave a strong endorsement to its proposed supplemental capital budget, voting 39-10 for a collection of changes totaling $87 million. The budget would provide funding for new classrooms, mental-health support and environmental cleanup, without tapping the state’s rainy-day fund or relying on a new revenue source.

“It was gratifying to see my colleagues join me in supporting our public schools. Nearly 65 percent of this budget goes toward education. The $38 million to reduce class size in K-3 is by itself a great investment in the kids of our state. The additional $35 million for the school construction-assistance account further cements that commitment,” said Sen. Jim Honeyford, capital-budget chair.

Supplemental budgets are developed during 60-day legislative sessions – such as this year’s – to make minor corrections to previously approved budgets. 

“Within existing revenue, we responded to some of the biggest issues our state faces: education, mental health and environmental cleanup. Our proposed budget directs $20.8 million toward additional mental-health beds and temporary housing for those in treatment,” said Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“We couldn’t ignore the decline in the Model Toxic Control Act account so we tackled that issue too. Ensuring that our state can continue addressing toxic-cleanup projects should be a priority for lawmakers – and we made sure it is,” Honeyford added.

Senate Bill 6201 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.