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Status of my bills in the House of Representatives

I am pleased to report the Senate passed 11 of my bills and sent them to the House of Representatives for consideration. Currently, 10 of my 11 bills have public hearings scheduled in various House Committees.

The most important bill I sponsored this year is Senate Bill 5445 that provides $445m in grants for school construction and safety upgrades. After passing unanimously off the Senate floor to the House, it remains in the House Capital Budget Committee.   Continue reading

Funding schools – and school safety – first

School ZoneI sponsored Senate Bill 5445, which is currently being considered by the House Capital Budget Committee. It would appropriate $10 million of capital funds to improve security at existing and future public schools based on the measures set forth in another bill, Senate Bill 5197. Two of the Majority Coalition Caucus’ priorities are education and jobs, and as chair of the Senate capital budget committee I believe that early action in this matter will help to not only create construction jobs but provide for modern facilities that promote learning. Under SB 5445, $475 million in general obligation bonds would be appropriated for the 2013-15 school construction assistance program, including the $10 million grant program to improve security at public schools. The bill is written to take effect immediately after being signed into law.

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