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State Senate honors Filipino-Americans with Honeyford resolution

Honeyford_200x282The Washington State Senate stood and applauded the Filipino-American community of Washington Wednesday after passing Senate Resolution 8617 sponsored by Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“There are large populations of Filipino-Americans in the 15th District and I’m proud to represent them in the Senate,” Honeyford said. “Their history and culture here in the Pacific Northwest helped make Washington what it is today, and it’s fitting that we honor that with a Senate resolution.”

Documents dating to 1888 found at an old lumber mill in Port Blakely on Bainbridge Island west of Seattle listed a “Manilla” among the employee roster. It is the first known worker from the Philippines in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Filipinos make up the largest Asian/Pacific Islander ethnic population in Washington, home to dozens of historically Filipino communities such as Wapato, Auburn, Bremerton, and others. Continue reading

Honoring the Civil Air Patrol and Filipino-Americans

Civil Air PatrolThis session, I’m again sponsoring two resolutions to honor the Civil Air Patrol and the history and heritage of Filipino-Americans in Washington. As you know, I’ve been a proud member of the Civil Air Patrol for years, serving as a lieutenant colonel with both the Washington Wing Legislative Squadron and the Yakima Composite Squadron. The organization has helped to develop our state’s young people into future leaders who go on to succeed in whatever they set their minds toward. With over 26,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 20, the Civil Air Patrol also provides both classroom and practical instruction in aerospace flight and rocketry with an emphasis on military history, leadership, and service to others. You can read more about Senate Resolution 8621 here.

Filipino-AmericanThe Filipino-American community is also a wonderful group of people that have many activities to preserve their heritage and culture, including traditional dances and a strong interest in education. They work hard in their communities, respect their elders and have fantastic food! Washington has the fourth largest population of Filipino-Americans in the United States and is the home to historic Filipino communities in Wapato, Bainbridge Island, Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, and Bremerton, among others. Filipino-Americans form the largest Asian/Pacific Islander ethnic population in the state, and you can read more about Senate Resolution 8617 here. Continue reading