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Honeyford resolution honoring Filipino-Americans adopted by state Senate

The Washington State Senate recognized the Filipino-American community of Washington yesterday by adopting Senate Resolution 8688 sponsored by Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“The 15th District has one of the largest Filipino-American populations per capita in the state and I’m proud to represent them in the Senate,” Honeyford said. “Without their unique history and culture in the Pacific Northwest, Washington wouldn’t be what it is today. It’s nice to see that recognized with a Senate resolution.”

Documents dating to 1888 found at an old lumber mill in Port Blakely on Bainbridge Island west of Seattle listed a “Manilla” among the employee roster. It is the first known worker from the Philippines in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Filipinos make up the largest Asian/Pacific Islander ethnic population in Washington, home to dozens of historically Filipino communities such as Wapato, Auburn, Bremerton, and others. Continue reading

The Tagumpay Awards

The Tagumpay AwardsI’m proud to announce to you that I was recently honored to receive the Pinoy Reporter Tagumpay Award. This is the third year of the awards but the first year that they have made an award for the top contributor to the Filipino American community in Washington State. I was nominated by Rey Pascua, the president of the Filipino-American Community of the Yakima Valley.

I was interviewed by the Pinoy Reporter and shortly thereafter notified that I would be given the award. Those attending from the Yakima Valley were Rey Pascua, Tom and Lorena Silva and Geoff and Dori Baker. The Tagumpay Foundation’s mission is to celebrate and promote Filipino American achievement, heritage and contribution in the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading