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Keeping Yakima Valley School open a priority for longtime area lawmaker

yakvalleyschoolTo help protect the vulnerable residents who call the Yakima Valley School their home, Sen. Jim Honeyford has proposed a bill that would allow the residential care facility to begin admitting new patients again. Senate Bill 5962, considered by the Senate Health Care Committee today, would permit the facility to reopen its doors to the community.

“After the facility began barring new patients, it continued providing temporary respite and crisis beds,” said Honeyford, who represents the 15th Legislative District, “but since that time we’ve seen a drastic need for it to return to its original purpose of providing a stable, long-term home for individuals with significant developmental or medical disabilities.”

During the state’s economic crisis in 2011, the governor signed a bill to close the Frances Haddon Morgan developmental disability facility in Bremerton and gradually reduce the number of residents at YVS. Honeyford worked with other Yakima-area lawmakers to help keep the facility’s residents and staff in place for as long as possible. The 2011 legislation closed the school to any further admissions but allowed current residents to continue residing at the facility for the rest of their natural lives. Then, when the population dropped below 16, the state would find alternate housing for the remaining occupants and close the school permanently. Continue reading

Redistricting letter to Klickitat and Skamania Counties

15th Legislative DistrictYou may have received a printed newsletter in the mail on behalf of Representatives Bruce Chandler and David Taylor and myself. As you know, the 2010 census resulted in the redrawing of our legislative district boundaries. The result for the 15th Legislative District is dramatic, and it is with heavy hearts we report that we will no longer represent you.

Beginning in January 2013, Klickitat and Skamania counties will become part of the 14th Legislative District. We want to express to you our sincere appreciation and pride of representing such a unique region of our state that has overcome many challenges. Continue reading

My bill to speed up water rights applications signed into law

Land owners, cities, irrigators and other public water entities trying to access water for development will no longer spend years waiting for the Department of Ecology to process their water right applications because of a bill signed into law today.

Senate Bill 6267was co-sponsored by me and has a House version co-sponsored by Rep. Bruce Chandler. When the law goes into effect in July, it will result in more water applications being processed and encourage the department to contract with the private sector to complete some analysis and technical work on the applications.