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Honeyford to lead Senate ceremony Wednesday honoring Civil Air Patrol

Sen. Jim Honeyford, a lieutenant colonel with both the Civil Air Patrol’s Washington Wing Legislative Squadron and Yakima Composite Squadron, sponsors a Senate resolution each year to honor the Civil Air Patrol’s service to communities and country. This year the recognition ceremony, set for Wednesday, Feb. 24 will feature something extra: a 60-foot-wide glider on display in the legislative parking lot.

“It is my honor to recognize the service of those in the Civil Air Patrol,” said Honeyford, R-Sunnyside. “Although I highlight this volunteer organization each year, many people are still unaware of its existence and importance. These are the people who use their own time to assist with search-and-rescue missions. They jump in to help with disaster-relief efforts. They are the unsung heroes who should be recognized.”

The Blanik L-23 Glider that will be on exhibit at the Capitol campus Wednesday is used by the Civil Air Patrol as a trainer for cadets. The glider has room for two occupants in addition to its 60-foot wingspan. 

Founded Dec. 1, 1941, just six days before the Pearl Harbor bombing that led the United States to enter World War II, the Civil Air Patrol remains as vital today as it was nearly 75 years ago. The CAP holds true to its original mission of service through sponsorship of educational programs, cadet programs for youth and assistance with natural disaster relief.

Honeyford noted that following the 2014 Oso mudslide, the CAP flew vital supplies to areas unreachable by heavier aircraft, and ground teams helped in the evacuation of cities and towns.