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Bridging the gap between unmanned aircraft hype and hysteria

Unmanned AircraftWashington State has always been on the leading edge of the aerospace industry. We set the stage by building the large bombers that helped us win World War Two. Now we are designing and manufacturing some of the smallest aircraft to meet the demands of the future.

Washington-based aerospace companies will be on the Capitol Campus Wednesday, March 27, to demonstrate the latest unmanned aircraft technology. Wednesday’s hands-on demonstrations will be led by Dr. Tad McGeer, founder of two industry-leading unmanned aircraft companies based in the Columbia River Gorge. Many other unmanned aircraft-manufacturing companies that provide hundreds of private-sector jobs in Washington will also be represented at the briefing. Attendees will be able to meet one-on-one with engineers and operators, watch onboard video from both daylight and night unmanned aircraft operations and inspect the aircraft and their launching equipment in person.

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