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Bridging the gap between unmanned aircraft hype and hysteria

Unmanned AircraftWashington State has always been on the leading edge of the aerospace industry. We set the stage by building the large bombers that helped us win World War Two. Now we are designing and manufacturing some of the smallest aircraft to meet the demands of the future.

Washington-based aerospace companies will be on the Capitol Campus Wednesday, March 27, to demonstrate the latest unmanned aircraft technology. Wednesday’s hands-on demonstrations will be led by Dr. Tad McGeer, founder of two industry-leading unmanned aircraft companies based in the Columbia River Gorge. Many other unmanned aircraft-manufacturing companies that provide hundreds of private-sector jobs in Washington will also be represented at the briefing. Attendees will be able to meet one-on-one with engineers and operators, watch onboard video from both daylight and night unmanned aircraft operations and inspect the aircraft and their launching equipment in person.

Click to read the full Olympia Report for March 26, 2013.

Redistricting plans released: Please voice your views

Once every ten years, the United States takes an official headcount called the Census. Census workers count every man, woman and child to guarantee all people are fairly represented in the political process.
In spring 2011, Washington received the 2010 Census data for redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries. This data indicates Washington’s 2010 population is over 6.7 million people, an increase of nearly 1 million residents in 10 years. The data collected will help Washington’s redistricting commission redraw the boundaries in the 15th and all Washington legislative districts.

The Commission is made up of 4 commissioners appointed by the House and Senate Republican and Democrat caucuses. Each commissioner must develop and release his own plan before coming together to draw the final boundary lines.

A few weeks ago the four district plans were released. In all four plans, the boundaries of the 15th District look very different from the present. This means some of you may be drawn out of the 15th District. Please take a moment to look at these maps and what they mean for you as a current resident of the 15th District. The commission welcomes your comments, and you can even look at what other people are saying about the proposed plans. You can email the commission at contact@redistricting.wa.gov or call (360) 786-0770 and leave your comments. Letters can be mailed to Washington State Redistricting Commission, P.O. Box 40948, Olympia, WA 98504-0948.

Click on this link meetings for public comment for detailed information about opportunities to comment in person. Please note the meetings are all in Olympia.