Sunnyside solon calls for Legislature to get back to work

Washington State Senate

Upon realizing the 105-day 2013 legislative session would end without the passage of a state budget, 15th District Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside, made this statement:

“I believe it’s terribly shameful that the Legislature couldn’t get a budget out after nearly four months, especially since the state is receiving $2 billion more in revenue and the fact that the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus passed and sent to the House a budget that lives within the revenue the state is expected to receive over the next four years. Historically, the Legislature slows down when the pressure is off, and if we end up leaving town during a ‘rolling special session’ the pressure needed to reach a deal in a timely manner is drastically reduced.

“Continuing work to get the job done is not just so we can all go home and the taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill any longer. There are actual, real-world impacts to any further delay, such as business owners who are trying to determine if they can afford to keep their doors open or not, if they can afford to hire one or two new employees or – if they can’t hold off any longer – if they must let the ones they already have go.

“Additionally, school district administrators need to plan out their budgets for the year, construction companies need to know what capital projects they need to budget their bids for, and county and municipal governments are waiting to make decisions based upon the decisions made by the Legislature.

“Since the Legislature couldn’t get the job done on time, it’s time to get back to work.”