Status of my bills in the House of Representatives

I am pleased to report the Senate passed 11 of my bills and sent them to the House of Representatives for consideration. Currently, 10 of my 11 bills have public hearings scheduled in various House Committees.

The most important bill I sponsored this year is Senate Bill 5445 that provides $445m in grants for school construction and safety upgrades. After passing unanimously off the Senate floor to the House, it remains in the House Capital Budget Committee.  

  • MosquitoSenate Bill 5002, concerning how mosquito control districts will operate, received a hearing by the House Committee on Local Government and is waiting to be debated by the full House.
  • Senate Bill 5054 addresses how land can be acquired by certain state agencies. It will receive a hearing today in the House Committee on Agricultural and Natural Resources.
  • Senate Bill 5056 allows for the application of a permit in order to hire minors. This bill is expected to be recommended by the House Committee on Workforce and Labor Development today.
  • Senate Bill 5132 concerns how debt service costs are reported. It has been referred to the House Committee on Appropriations and will hopefully receive a hearing soon.
  • Senate Bill 5219 ensures local economies will remain healthy by retaining water resources. The bill has been heard by the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources and is awaiting recommendation by that committee.
  • Senate Bill 5324 concerning how mosquitos are controlled in storm water retention ponds has also been heard by the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources and also is awaiting recommendation.
  • Senate Bill 5400 provides utility companies the ability to use other eligible resources to be able to meet energy conservation requirements. It has been heard by the House Committee on the Environment and should be      passed today.
  • Senate Bill 5702 allows Washington State to better protect itself from invasive aquatic species. The House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources has heard this bill and it is now awaiting passage.
  • Senate Bill 5770 provides conservation districts with the ability to use direct deposit to pay their employees. This bill will receive a hearing in the House Committee on Local Government today.
  • Senate Bill 5824 modernizes local irrigation district finance regulations and is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Local Government.

If you have interest in any of the bills I have sponsored this year, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to know what you think about what has been going on here in Olympia.

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