State Senate honors Civil Air Patrol with Honeyford resolution

20130228_LegWA_0515shThe Washington State Senate stood and applauded members of the Civil Air Patrol Thursday after passing Senate Resolution 8621 sponsored by Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“I’ve been involved with the Civil Air Patrol for more than four years now and I really enjoy the opportunities to guide and mentor some really outstanding young people,” Honeyford said. “The organization develops its members into future leaders who go on to succeed in whatever they set their minds toward; they deserve to be recognized by the Washington State Senate.”

Established in 1941 to conduct liaison-flying operations on the east coast and the southern border of the United States, the Civil Air Patrol’s mission grew to include a coastal patrol of 1,000 members, 64 of whom died in service and 26 of whom were lost at sea. For the duration of World War II the Civil Air Patrol flew 24 million miles, identified 173 enemy submarines, attacked 57 of those, hit 10 and sank two.

Honeyford, a lieutenant colonel with both the Washington Wing Legislative Squadron and the Yakima Composite Squadron, lauded the Civil Air Patrol’s storied search and rescue and disaster relief efforts.

“During floods and other natural disasters, the Civil Air Patrol has flown vital medical supplies to areas unreachable by heavier aircraft, and ground teams have helped in the evacuation of cities and towns,” Honeyford added. “Last year, more than one hundred air crews from three Civil Air Patrol regions began conducting a post-Hurricane Sandy aerial photo mission, the largest in Civil Air Patrol history, taking more than 120,000 photos for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use in damage assessment.”

With more than 35,000 senior members and 26,000 members between the ages of 12 and 20, the Civil Air Patrol also provides both classroom and practical instruction in aerospace flight and rocketry with an emphasis on military history, leadership, and service to others.