Senate recognizes Civil Air Patrol for its ‘unwavering dedication to our citizens’

Last week the men and women of the Washington wing of the Civil Air Patrol were front and center as the Washington State Senate welcomed CAP cadets, leaders and supporters for the reading of a resolution in honor of the organization.

Sen. Jim Honeyford, a Sunnyside Republican who is a CAP member and commander of the Washington wing’s legislative squadron, said he introduced Senate Resolution 8616 to recognize the contributions of an organization that usually goes unrecognized, as it quietly and faithfully serves the people of Washington. As the resolution points out, in 2016 alone, 144 CAP volunteer aircrew personnel and 779 emergency responders flew their 14 aircraft 1,537 hours in service to our state: service that would ordinarily be valued at $4.9 million.

The resolution traces the Civil Air Patrol’s history from its inception 75 years ago this coming December, just before the United States entered World War II, through its role in providing response and relief supplies during the deadly Oso landslide in 2014.

“Whether it was helping evacuate cities and towns during natural disasters such as the eruption of Mount Saint Helens or Darrington following the Oso slide, or using cutting-edge technology to help find the passengers and crews of missing planes, the Civil Air Patrol has been there, helping protect our communities and our people,” Honeyford said.

SR 8616 mentions how the CAP Washington wing’s commitment to service includes three nationally recognized leaders: 2014 Chaplain of the Year, (Lt. Col.) Dave Franklin; 2015 Legislative Squadron Commander of the Year, Senator (Lt. Col.) Jim Honeyford; and 2016 Public Affairs Officer of the Year, (Capt.) Jessica Jerwa, along with approximately 744 senior members and 626 cadets.