Same-sex marriage vote disappointing

Washington State SenateI am disappointed that a majority of the Senate voted to abandon the traditional definition of marriage and concern about religious freedoms that are being threatened by the Senate’s passage tonight of Senate Bill 6239.

This issue should be decided by the people of our state. I supported an amendment tonight that would have added a referendum clause to the bill so it would go before the voters this fall. I heard from many constituents who believe as I do, and the majority should have allowed Washingtonians to have their say on such an important issue. Unfortunately this amendment was defeated.

Now that this distracting and divisive piece of legislation has moved through the Senate I hope we can focus on the real problems facing Washington, especially the big gap in the state budget. I have been greatly dismayed by the lack of progress the Legislature has made so far this session toward dealing with the budget and other real problems the people elected us to address.