Joint legislative drought committee meets, Honeyford selected as chair

In response to the record low mountain snowpack and the governor’s drought declaration, the first meeting of the 2015 Joint Legislative Committee on Water Supply During Drought was held today. Sen. Jim Honeyford was chosen to chair the committee that has been tasked with making legislative recommendations in response to statewide water supply conditions. 

“While I’m pleased that I’ve served on this committee each time it has convened, I’m concerned about the challenges that face our water infrastructure and the hardships that decreased water availability could bring to farmers and industry,” said Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“Beyond working with the executive branch to coordinate with relevant agencies, we will be reviewing the impacts of the drought and making recommendations for improvements; the goal being to ensure that the people who depend on an ample water supply for their livelihood can access it,” said Honeyford.

Created in 2005 to address the impacts of low water supply in the state during drought conditions, the committee is activated when a drought has been declared or is likely to be declared. This is the third time a drought has triggered the formation of this committee.  

Membership is made up of eight lawmakers, four from the Senate and four from the House of Representatives. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 20.