Honeyford named top Republican on Senate ag committee

Senator Jim HoneyfordSen. Jim Honeyford began the 2013 legislative session Monday by accepting the role of ranking Republican on the Senate Agriculture, Water and Rural Economic Development Committee. Under the new Majority Coalition committee structure, some committees are chaired by Democrats, some by Republicans and some are co-chaired.

“The Majority Coalition Caucus could have claimed every committee-leadership position for its members,” Honeyford noted, “but we want to promote bipartisan collaboration and cooperation to get government working again. That’s why we chose to invite Senator Brian Hatfield, a 19th District Democrat, to chair the ag committee this year. He accepted, and I am looking forward to working with him and the other committee members this session.”

Agriculture and water issues will not be Honeyford’s only focus during the 2013 session. He is the chair of the capital budget committee, an offshoot of the Senate Ways and Means Committee on which he also serves. Additionally, Honeyford is a member of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee.

“It hasn’t always been easy working under a one-party system in the Legislature,” Honeyford added. “Having the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus in control of the Senate, as of yesterday, gives us a new and unprecedented opportunity to truly put policy ahead of politics in state government and create a better Washington.”

The 2013 legislative session is scheduled to last 105 days.