Halfway to the finish line of the 2013 session

Honeyford on the floorWe’ve passed the middle of the 2013 legislative session, and at this point the most significant deadline was reached on March 13. Known as “floor cutoff,” it was the last day most bills could be considered by their body of origin. In other words, all Senate bills considered not necessary to implement the budget had to be passed by the Senate and vice-versa in the House of Representatives.

Under Majority Coalition Caucus leadership, this year the Senate has been more productive than any other time in the past four years. We passed 276 bills over to the House, many of which were sponsored by members of the minority caucus. We’ve set the bar high for passing the most bills sponsored by members of the minority in recent history, holding true to the Majority’s stated goals of true bipartisanship.

On April 3, our next major deadline arrives. That’s the last day to hold public hearings on bills in the opposite body (again, except for those necessary to implement the budget). After that, the Legislature has until April 17 to debate bills in both bodies in preparation for April 28, the last day of the regular session.

We have a lot of work in front of us as well as a budget to pass between now and the end of the legislative session. I am working hard to ensure the 15th District’s interests are adequately represented in the Washington State Senate, and thank you for keeping informed on these activities via my Olympia Report e-newsletter.

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