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Honeyford is first to receive new CWU alumni award

In a ceremony May 1, Sen. Jim Honeyford received the first-ever College of the Sciences Alumni of the Year award for Social Sciences from Central Washington University.

The award recognizes Honeyford’s ongoing passion and interest in CWU as well as his work as chair of the Senate capital budget to fund Science Phase II, a major construction project for the university.

“Senator Honeyford has a firsthand knowledge about the unique approach to science education that makes Central a leader in undergraduate ‘STEM’ education,” said Kirk Johnson, dean of the College of the Sciences. Continue reading

Honeyford’s perfect record of support for small business continues

Sen. Jim Honeyford has again earned the Guardian of Small Business Award by maintaining a perfect voting record during the 2013-14 biennium on issues that count for small businesses. He was one of 15 senators to receive a 100-percent score from the National Federation of Independent Business.

“Communities across the 15th Legislative District depend on these family-run shops, which not only are up against big corporations but also all the regulations Olympia throws at them,” said Honeyford, R-Sunnyside. “It’s been my mission to chip away at the roadblocks they face and help them flourish.”

“Main Street has no better friend in the state Senate than Jim Honeyford,” said NFIB Washington State Director Patrick Connor.  “Since coming to the Legislature in 1995 Senator Honeyford has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with small business, earning a 100-percent voting record on the issues that matter most to our state’s entrepreneurs for each two-year legislature in which he has served.” Continue reading

Honeyford bill to protect state waters signed by governor

Sunnyside Sen. Jim Honeyford’s work to keep state waterways from being infested by non-native mussels and other invasive species was validated when Senate Bill 6040 was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee during a ceremony Wednesday.

By using an integrated-management approach supported by Honeyford’s legislation, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife will be able to effectively address the marauding mussels and other invasive species should they reach Washington waters.

“These mussels reproduce quickly and begin to cover water pumping stations, generator turbines, shoes, boat hulls and motors, anything in their path,” said Honeyford, the ranking Republican on the Senate Agriculture, Water and Rural Economic Development Committee, referring to the zebra and quagga mussels that can infest a body of water in just a few short weeks. “It’s critical to stop them now, before they damage our waterways, and it will cost taxpayers even more to control them.”

Continue reading

Honeyford says supplemental state budget supports the right priorities

In the waning hours of the 2014 legislative session, members of the state Senate – along with the House of Representatives – adopted a supplemental operating budget that will continue to fund state activities. Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside, says he voted in favor of the proposal because it put the right priorities first.

“Supplemental budget years aren’t supposed to be another chance for the Legislature to spend more money; they’re meant to deal with emergency situations and make minor corrections to the course set by the biennial budget the previous year,” said Honeyford, who represents the 15th Legislative District. “I’m happy to report that the MCC budget we passed stuck to the basics and provided additional funding only to key areas in need.”

The Legislature is required to adopt a biennial operating budget in odd-numbered years; it may pass a supplemental budget in even-numbered years to make minor corrections to the two-year budget. This was the first time since 2009 the Legislature has started its annual session without facing a budget deficit and the 2014 budget proposal kept the state on that track. Continue reading

Honeyford calls supplemental operating budget ‘good for Washington’

Senator Jim HoneyfordMembers of the state Senate today passed the 2014 supplemental operating budget proposal, which was supported by Sen. Jim Honeyford. The Sunnyside Republican noted that last year’s balanced, bipartisan budget was the primary reason for broad agreement on the supplemental budget more than two weeks before the end of the 60-day legislative session.

“The Majority Coalition Caucus produced a budget in 2013 that put more than a billion dollars into education, froze tuition for Washington college students and was projected to balance for four years,” said Honeyford, who represents the 15th Legislative District. “Because of that success there was no need to find places to cut this year. We didn’t have to look for ‘low-hanging fruit’ or waste valuable time trying to prioritize equally important provisions. When budgets are written right the first time, it makes the process that much easier to fine tune in supplemental years.” Continue reading

Honeyford resolution honoring Filipino-Americans adopted by state Senate

The Washington State Senate recognized the Filipino-American community of Washington yesterday by adopting Senate Resolution 8688 sponsored by Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside.

“The 15th District has one of the largest Filipino-American populations per capita in the state and I’m proud to represent them in the Senate,” Honeyford said. “Without their unique history and culture in the Pacific Northwest, Washington wouldn’t be what it is today. It’s nice to see that recognized with a Senate resolution.”

Documents dating to 1888 found at an old lumber mill in Port Blakely on Bainbridge Island west of Seattle listed a “Manilla” among the employee roster. It is the first known worker from the Philippines in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Filipinos make up the largest Asian/Pacific Islander ethnic population in Washington, home to dozens of historically Filipino communities such as Wapato, Auburn, Bremerton, and others. Continue reading

Honeyford joins Senate in honoring Washington’s Civil Air Patrol members


In what has become an annual Senate tradition, Sunnyside Sen. Jim Honeyford joined his colleagues in honoring members of the Washington Wing of the Civil Air Patrol with a Senate Resolution Monday. Honeyford, a lieutenant colonel with both the Washington Wing Legislative Squadron and the Yakima Composite Squadron, lauded the Civil Air Patrol’s storied history and importance in both wartime and peacetime efforts.

“The Civil Air Patrol was born on December 1, 1941, just days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, to help protect the east coast and the southern border of the United States,” Honeyford said. “It became an auxiliary of the Army Air Force in 1943, and grew to include a coastal patrol of over 1,000 members, 64 of whom died in service and 26 of whom were lost at sea. For the duration of World War II the Civil Air Patrol flew 24 million miles, identified 173 enemy submarines, attacked 57 of those, hit 10 and sank two.” Continue reading

Defense against invasive species one step closer after Honeyford bill approval

zebra1Sunnyside Sen. Jim Honeyford’s work to keep state waterways from being infested by non-native mussels received another boost Tuesday. In a marathon meeting of the Senate Ways and Means Committee before the legislative cutoff deadline Tuesday, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 6040 and sent it to be considered by the full Senate.

The bill would help the state Department of Fish and Wildlife effectively address the marauding mussels and other invasive species through an integrated management approach.

“I’ve personally seen these things cover license plates, shoes, boat hulls and motors, and even other animals from top to bottom, front to back,” said Honeyford, the ranking Republican on the Senate Agriculture, Water and Rural Economic Development Committee, referring to the zebra and quagga mussels that can infest a body of water in just a few short weeks. “If they get into our waterways, there’s no telling how much damage they’ll do or how much it will cost taxpayers to try and eradicate them.” Continue reading

Honeyford bills move through Senate committees ahead of deadline

As the deadline to get committee approval of Senate policy bills passed today, it became clear that Republican Sen. Jim Honeyford had been successful in shepherding through a number of his proposals – nine in all this week alone for the Sunnyside solon.

“It really is something to see when state government moves so efficiently,” Honeyford noted. “Since the Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus has been leading the Senate, it seems everything is running a little smoother than in previous years. I’m pleased to see so many of my bills move forward, and I hope they’ll meet with equal success should they make it to the House of Representatives.” Continue reading