An “Outstanding Protector of Agriculture”

Protector of AgricultureAt the Washington State Farm Bureau’s recent board of directors meeting, I was named an Outstanding Protector of Agriculture and recognized for my voting record and actions to help strengthen family farms.

I am honored to have received this type of recognition from a group that represents so many people in my district. From complex water issues to fuel fees, one of my top goals as a legislator is to keep in mind how best to assist our state’s farmers. Family farms need legislators to help and support them so they can prosper and grow – especially during difficult economic times like we’re facing right now.

I supported recent unemployment-insurance reforms as well as worker’s compensation reforms, issues which are vital to the success of farmers in Washington. I also have been a long-term supporter of other key agricultural issues, including improving access to water for crops and daily use.

Before the 2011 session began, the Department of Ecology proposed increasing fees which it claimed would help recover the costs of water management. I opposed Ecology’s proposal, and was able to tie Ecology’s performance on water management to funding in the state operating budget.